2 comments on “My Helmet Only Protects My Head, My Aerostich Suit Protects My Soul………

  1. Best anti spam function EVER! LOL. Great article Paul. 12 yrs ago I discovered motorcycles after having given up horses and planes. Took a class, couldn’t believe the crazy people at the dealerships would let me “test” ride bikes with that little endorsement. I started with no gear, the first 3 months (had no friends that rode so no real guidance) graduated to a Nolen flip up and Phoenix nylon perf jacket and joe rocket overpants. 2nd yr of riding, 2nd bike, was hit by a car, and had I NOT been wearing that gear, would not have survived. The pieces of helmet missing kinda proved it. Forget the crutches. Of course, amazingly survived many “horse” crashes, pulled many Chris Reeves moves, and lived to walk and talk another day. But, the thought of riding without proper gear now leaves me shuddering. Great article. Amazing the things we will do simply because we do not know any better. Though I’ve moved up to better gear, it is difficult being a female. I’ve coveted the lime yellow stitch for years, and plan to buy a Schuberth flip up (living in TX makes it mandatory to have a flip) I too have traveled all of Mexico and most of the U.S and Canada. You have inspired me to go for that lime yellow that I’ve wanted since I learned of it’s existence.

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