3 comments on “Can A Cold Day In Hell Be Possible?

  1. Will cooling systems replace auxiliary fuel tanks for long distance riders? Will the ability to think straight replace the ability to ride longer distances between fuel stop for rallies? Will a cooling system be the new must have farkle for entrants of the 2013 Iron Butt Rally? I guess we may get the answer to these questions on July 1st.

  2. You’re so funny!

    Any good scientist will tell you that you need to have a control. So far I’m seeing you are not capable of making sound decisions even when your core temperature is normal and you’re well rested. You’re results shouldn’t be compared to “normal” they should be compared to your skewed version of “normal”.

    You’d think by now someone like BMW would have added air conditioning to their bikes. That would give them an excuse to charge over 30k for their bikes!

  3. Awesome. You know, the semi conductor cooling chips are not that expensive and could probably greatly increase ice longevity, maybe even making some during those overnight runs.

    On another note, your contact Paul Here tab is anoying as hell. It gets in thd way of thetext on my tablet and even to some extent on my PC

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