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  1. Fantastic approach to turning your personal challenge into very positive resources for others. I just posted a congrats to your 2001 IBR article when I was redirected here and learned of your life’s work. I am thrilled to find out that you are still riding and boy howdy you are riding! I take inspiration from your actions and writings. I’ve been dealing with severe spinal cord problems for 55 plus years. For decades my mystery ailment was treated as if I had MS. It wasn’t until my vision, breathing and heart were shutting down that the doctor’s came upon the true cause of my problems. Turns out I do not have MS but I do share many symptoms and treatment programs as if I did. So with that vague understanding of what you face day in and day out I just have to tell you how uplifting and inspirational your story and the work you do is to me. I have plans to help others with the lessons I’ve learned by living with my medical condition for so many years. Until now I wasn’t sure how to go about it or what might be the best way. You have given me a whole new perspective and a second wind. Thank you so much and once again, congratulations!

  2. Saw your bike at Barbers… I was telling everyone standing around about your story… Hope it raises awareness and brings in more donations.

  3. Paul,
    Great to meet you in Cleveland yesterday. Truly inspiring message and goals. One person CAN make a difference! Keep rolling and we will see you out on the road.

  4. Paul,

    Great to meet you tonight at Fredericksburg BMW and learn about your mission. What a great and inspired/inspiring idea! I can’t wait to spread the word, proudly wearing your wearable business card and looking forward to someone asking what it’s all about! Ride safe and Godspeed!

  5. Paul, thank you for the Heads up on Rocky Mayer seats. We hooked up and i just got my seat back. Wife Loves it. She could only ride 45-50 miles , we rode about 170 on Saturday , she said she felt like she only rode 35 mile on bike , quite a improvement ! I will get her up to 200, 250 soon as we used to ride alot years ago. Again thank you ! Rocky contacted me and i am on Disability so money was hard to come by but well worth it.

  6. Your story is truly inspiring Paul. Stories like this make it much easier for those of us going through a similar experience. Keep up the great work and continue inspiring others.
    I really loved this quote “It’s time we tell the world riding motorcycles is good for the mind, body and soul.”
    I can honestly say, when I’m riding, nothing else in the world matters.

  7. I so enjoy reading your posts, Paul. You crack me up 🙂 Love the new plate! If you’re ever in the Raleigh, North Carolina area let me know. I’d love to see you and play catch up. Keep doing wonderful things!

  8. I live in Eastern Tennessee Paul. Looks a lot like Vermont but with way more continuous twisties. If your in the area I have excellent accomodations that your welcome to use 35 miles from Knoxville and 81 from Asheville. 7745738052 Gary V

  9. We are currently admiring your travels from behind you on interstate 90 just outside of Buffalo! We were in a bit of traffic back there and notice your website on the back of the bike. Sounds like quite a rewarding adventure, not sure where you are headed next but good luck and thank you for all you do !!!

    All our bests,
    Tyler, Anna, Dottie and Francie
    Newport, RI

  10. Very inspiring story and continued journey the best to you akways safe travel and I had childhood cancer at 12 and am not well today I don’t give up but lately haven’t doing well getting afraid I’m
    Not making it
    This leads me to lifting my expectiaons higher for myself don’t ever give up my vet father taught me
    Thank you I just saw this in fb
    Life is a wild ride no matter how ws all do it peace love

  11. It was awesome chatting with you today at National Powersports.
    If there is anything more I can do, hit me up..

    • hi there my name is stevethe breeze manchester,s million mile courier in 1994 i completed 1 million miles and was featured in the motorcycle news as marathon man in a million

  12. Paul I met you the other day on Long Island when you spoke in Westbury. Very inspiring story and a charismatic speaker. I wish you safe travels and continued success in your journey. I hope to see you again and will be checking on your status. Continue showing everyone with MS that MS can hit hard but they can hit back harder.

  13. Hi Paul, we sort of met at Rocket Moto this morning, although I did not actually know who you were I enjoyed talking with you very much, glad your clutch problem had a happy ending. I have known Adam and Jeannette since 1984 when I hired Adam on to my NET customer support group. Great friends great people. Now that I am more aware of who you are and your great work I look forward to following your journey albeit a remote following (: I do hope our paths cross again, we live in Castro Valley Ca. In the SF Bay area. And perhaps you would enjoy flying upside down in a Pitts Special Biplane between odometer runs!

    My very best, Jerry Davis

  14. MS has taken a bit of my spirit, but this brings me joy….Wishing you safe travels and much success on your journey…

  15. Was just on 495 in Massachusetts and saw this badass dude on a decked out bike. Saw on his luggage box this website. Great job Paul. Keep riding!

  16. Hi Paul,

    A true inspiration and example of the “Never Give Up” spirit of “Team Ruptured Buzzard.” Permission requested to give you a link from my website to yours? I have sent you a private message on LinkedIn to offer you some hospitality when and as you may pass through my area of operations.

    Also please note on my LinkedIn “INTERESTS” about – “Forming partnership connections to collaborate on a crowd-funded startup to establish a parts and GPS file depot at an Adventure Riding Colony on planet Mars. Visionary or lunatic – the difference is in the company you keep.”

    …we should talk….

    Rally on, my friend.

    Dave “Stovebolt” Jankowsky
    Victor, Idaho

  17. Hey Paul, My wife and I met you Tues night (Feb. 11) at Leos. You story and passion for bikes is awesome, I wish you the best of luck and PROMISE we will ride together in 2014. I need some details on the 50 day challenge, I am inspired to get my bike up and going sooner then later now..

    Tom Ethier

  18. What you are doing is so inspiring. I have MS and ride also. Because of MS I had to take a little over a year off but I am back at it again. I try very hard to ride every chance I get. You are awesome! Thanks for bringing more awareness to MS and for everything you are doing…

  19. Hi Paul,
    I just met you at the gas station in Candia NH. ( I am the guy on the 73 airhead), Just wanted wish you a safe trip. Good Luck !!!

  20. Hi Paul – I made a mental note to check your website out when you passed me on 93NB this morning while on my way to work. What you are doing is AWESOME! Good luck to you … you have a new “follower” for sure! All my best ~ Janet (Windham, NH)

  21. I think what you are doing is pretty awesome. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 2 years ago and then, just recently, diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (involuntary muscle weakness and loss of strength) on top of it. Like you I refuse to let the diseases define who I am and what I am capable of. I have some extreme rides planned myself for this year to raise funds and awareness for both of my diseases, although nothing quite as grand as your million mile plan 🙂 Stay safe out there and maybe our paths will cross on the road some day 🙂

  22. Just read your article in April/May 2013 “Ability” magazine. Have you contacted Jay Leno? Can’t hurt to try….

  23. Good Luck Paul. Great attitude. Send me an email and I will give you contact info for when you pass through Albuquerque. Have shop, tools, bed, meal, shower, you name it.

  24. Paul,
    Just heard about the MS5000 and although I work 6 days a week in the spring I now have a great reason to ride far on that day off. Thanks for all you are doing!!

    Good luck on breaking the LD record!!

  25. Without a doubt I’ll be following your progress. I’m not made of money but if there is something I can do in terms of support don’t be afraid to ask I’m just a little puddle jump away (Milton, NH)
    Seriously considering the MS5000.

  26. Very Inspirational Paul!
    Look forward to meeting you someday, we already have a small connection; I’m an IBA member, long ride enthusiast and did a bunch of welding on the Yankee Siege wrecking ball /mace you’re pictured with.
    Keep up the great work!

  27. Glad to see you again Paul, even if it is only online, Best of luck with your quest and stay safe, we are all pulling for you.

  28. Congratulations on your new challenge Paul, great stuff, I know you will accomplish your mission. I will look forward to following along in your written word. Consider yourself bookmarked on the toolbar. I am sure you will inspire many to not give up to adversity. May your travels be plenty and your troubles be few.

  29. Paul… This is fantastic to see your story. My son who will be 48 in December, also has MS. He is a PGA Club Pro, eighteen years ago while playing a tournament, he fell face down and could not get up. He gives himself an injection every other day and is still playing golf and rides dirt bikes. He played two weeks ago in a local tournament and shot 68, still on his game.

  30. Way to go Paul! Awesome! If ever passing through Ojai Ca, shoot us an email. You’re welcome to stop by for a rest ( if you ever rest). We’re right off the 150. Keep up the great work, I’m sure you’re an inspiration to more people than you’ll ever know.

  31. Great job Paul, what an inspiration to many! If your travels bring you to Northern Maine (doubtful) please stop in to see us in Fort Kent!

  32. To publically share such a private battle takes a lot of courage. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know your quirky sense of humor and your passion for riding over the past two years. I know how important riding is to you and hope you succeed in what you’re trying to accomplish. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

  33. It has been a true pleasure working with you and getting to know you and your crazy no off button sense of humor. Thanks for letting me in the closet before you were ready to go public – honored. Way to recalculate.

  34. Best wishes on your journey.

    Thank you for the support of the Team Lyle Rally in Plymouth MA. It was an honor to meet you.
    I wish we could have talked longer.

    See you on the road.

  35. The word “proud” doesn’t even come close. If anyone can do this it is most definitely you! Site looks great. Way to go!

  36. I think what you are doing with your diagnosis is absolutely amazing.
    I think what you are doing with a motorcycle is absolutely unbelievable.
    I think what you are doing for others with MS is absolutely great.
    I think you are off your rocker, and that is why I am signing up for your blog!

  37. Paul — I missed meeting you at the pizza party, but I will look forward to following your adventure!

    Ray King

  38. While I’ve never met you, I applaud your efforts. We have another friend with MS and he’s attacking life with vigor as well.

  39. Great work so far Paul, anything you need in the MA/NH area give me a shout. Be happy to help you out anyway I can.



  40. If you’re in central CT – call & we’ll get together for a ride!

    Best of Luck & keep publishing your travel tales. Makes me laugh & smile!


  41. My name is Kimiya and I am from Vallejo, Ca. I am a female rider and I am also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I am currently organizing a motorcycle run to raise funds to donate to MS research. I salute your efforts and you have my support. I will be checking on you. 🙂

    • Congrats on doing the fund raiser! Awesome to hear you are riding with MS also. Any day we can ride is a good day!

  42. Wow, one million miles, and to think I gave up riding to pursue other interest. Well let me tell you after riding for twenty years and 100,000 miles and not so much as a scratch, it was no fun being in the ER at 1:00am having a 5/0 treble hook removed from my thumb!
    Good Luck Paul, See you on the road!

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