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  1. I usually get bored easily during speaking presentations. Paul’s story was engaging, and kept me cracking up at appropriate times to keep my attention. After hearing his IBR on the Ural story I think a lot of us walked out of the room feeling a little less tough :).

  2. Pauls presentation at the IBA International Meet was hilarious. I’ve been to hundreds of presentations over the years at banquets and other events, this one ranks among the best I’ve ever heard. Makes me want to buy a Ural…..not.

  3. Your presentation at the IBA International Meeting 2014, Denver, CO was one of the funniest and most inspirational talks I have ever been fortunate to witness. To have some of the “Worlds Toughest Bikers” in absolute raptures of laughter of your experiences with motorcycles and MS was a sight to behold. Best of luck on the Million Miles.

  4. Fighting adversity is one thing. Fighting adversity with an amazing sense of humor and a great story is quite another. Your presentation at the IBA National Meet had me in tears with laughter and some tears for other reasons. Fantastic job!

  5. The presentation Paul did at the Iron Butt meet was fantastic. Humorous, informative and totally inspiring. If it were in book form I would buy several and give them to friends. The “I can do it” attitude came through loud and clear. Great job, Paul!

  6. Paul’s presentation at the IBA Biannual Meet was inspired! It was witty and appropriate to the audience. Fun, funny, inspiring with just the right touch of self- deprecating humor thrown in to keep it humble. Absolutely enjoyable, Paul!

  7. Your Iron Butt presentation was totally awesome. I’m still laughing.You should write a book about it. Very entertaining and educational. Well done, Paul.

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